9/18/19, Outstanding Symposium honoring Nobel Laureate Paul Modrich ahead of the meeting celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the EMGS in Washington DC. Congratulations to Elise Fouquerel, now at TJU, and lab members Ryan Barnes and Samantha Sanford for delivering terrific seminars. So delighted we could participate. Check out the News tab for picture.


7/11/19, Excited that our NSMB article “Targeted and Persistent 8-oxoguanine Base Damage at Telomeres Promotes Telomere Loss and Crisis” was selected for F1000Prime. Thank you Jerry Shay for recommending us. https://f1000.com/prime/735786589?bd=1

6/1/19, Thank you NIEHS for funding our R35 RIVER award entitled “Excision Repair at Telomeres”! 8 years of funding to pursue exciting science with outstanding collaborators. Looking for postdocs interested in studying mechanisms of telomere loss and repair, and the impact on cancer and aging.

6 1 19 R35 celebration 20190603_140126.jpg

4/30/19, Great time at the CSHL meeting on Telomeres and Telomerase. Great presentations by Sam and Ryan, and it was fun catching up with lab alumnus Elise Fouquerel.

Barnes CSHL 2019 IMG_1841.jpeg
Opresko lab CSHL.JPG

04/05/19, Thank you to Dr. Alan Tomkinson (UNM) for providing an outstanding keynote lecture at our annual Genome Stability Mini-symposium. So proud of the trainees and chairs Sarah Hengel and Namrata Kumar, for organizing and delivering high quality research seminars.

04 05 19 mini symposium.jpg

3/01/19, Congratulations to Drs. Ryan Barnes (Opresko lab) and Sarah Hegel (Bernstein Lab) for being awarded the Hillman Postdoctoral Fellowship for Innovative Cancer Research. Well deserved!

2/1/19, Dr. Ryan Barnes was appointed chair of the new Hillman Cancer Center postdoctoral committee. The committee organizes monthly happy hour events sponsored by the HCC.

2/15/2019, Congratulations to Patty for being elected the next Vice Chair of the Gordon Research Conference on Mammalian DNA Repair.

1/1/2019, The Opresko lab welcomed postdoctoral fellow Dr. Mariarosaria De Rosa to the lab.

11/19/18, Patty received a perfect score of 10 on her NIEHS RIVER merit award entitled “Excision Repair at Telomeres”! So excited about the collaborative studies in this proposal. Can’t wait to get started.


11/28/18, Celebrating Elise Fouquerel! Congratulations party for her appointment as a tenure track Assistant Professor at Thomas Jefferson University. We will miss her, but look forward to amazing science from the new Fouquerel lab!

11 28 18 Elise Patty Cami.JPG
11 26 18 Elise lunch.JPG
11 28 18 Elise celebration.JPG
Elise happy hour 11 28 18.JPG
Elise celebration 11 28 18.JPG

11/9/2018, Celebrating Xander Orenstein today. We wish him the best of luck as heads to Baltimore to complete his Masters degree at Johns Hopkins University.

11 9 18 Xander lunch.JPG

9/25/18, Congratulations to Elise Fouquerel and Ryan Barnes for being selected to present a research seminar at the Annual EMGS meeting in San Antonio. Both did an outstanding job!


8/1/2018 Congratulations to Patty for being appointed co-leader of the Genome Stability Program at the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center

5/21/18 Congratulations to Adam Barsouk for winning the 2nd place best poster presentation award at the annual UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Retreat. Great participation from all the Opresko lab members!

Adam Award 6 2018 crop.jpg
Lab group june 2018 crop.jpg

May 2018. Welcome Ariana Detwiler to the lab!

Arian Detwiler June 2018.jpg

6/16/18  Celebrating Dr. Susan Wallace's 30 years of an exceptional career in DNA Repair.  Terrific symposium honoring Susan.  Thank you Susan for everything you have done for the field.  

Susan Wallace 6 2018.jpg

5/2018Congratulations to Sam Sanford for winning the best poster award, Ryan Barnes for being selected for a talk, and Tatiana Moiseeva from the Bakkenist lab for winning best oral presentation at the 2018 Midwest DNA Repair Meeting. Pitt was well represented.

Sam 05 1218.jpg
Ryan 05 12 18.jpg

5/2018 Welcome back Adam Barsouk for the summer. We are also delighted that Samuel Johnson joined the lab as a PhD graduate student from the department of Molecular Biophysics and Structural Biology.

Adam Samuel 05 11 18.jpg

3/25/18 Sam, Ryan and Elise presented their work at the Gordon Research Conference on DNA Damage, Mutation and Cancer in Venture, CA. Elise and Sam went whale watching, and we enjoyed catching up with the Freudenthal lab over margaritas.  

GRC 2018.jpg

02/31/18 Congratulations to Patty for her promotion to full professor.  Patty is very grateful to everyone who has contributed so much to the success of the lab over the years, and to the amazing support from colleagues, EOH, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, University of Pittsburgh and the NIH.

IMG_9462 congrats prof crop.jpg

12/21/17  Celebrating the holidays with science-based goodies !

happy holidays 2017 IMG_9216.jpeg

12/19/17 Congratulations to Dr. Devin Kepchia on earning his PhD from the University of Miami! Devin was an undergraduate intern in the lab during the summer of 2009.  So pleased he said that the "enjoyable experience" in the lab "persuaded" him to pursue a career in research. We wish Devin all the best! 

DSK_pic crop.jpg

12/14/17 Congratulations to Xander Orenstein for the first author publication in Molecules describing exciting new telomeric probes. Also, congratulations to Arindam Bose for his fantastic new position at the Dana Farber/ Harvard Cancer Center.  We will miss you Arindam.

lunch 12 14 17.jpeg

12/1/17 Congratulations to our collaborator Hong Wang at NC State!  She just received word that her R01 entitled "Sequencing and Structure Specific DNA Binding by Cohesion and Genome Stability"  will be funded by NIGMS.  We are looking forward to working with her lab on this exciting project. 

9/1/17  Just found out that NIEHS will fund our R01 entitled "inhibition of telomere maintenance by oxidized DNA precursors".  Thank you NIEHS. We are excited about moving this project forward. Needed to celebrate!

Crop group.jpg

8/14/2017 Ryan Barnes joined that lab today as a newly minted PhD; recently awarded from Penn State College of Medicine.  Welcome Ryan, we are excited to have you.  

Ryan Barnes.jpeg

7/1/2017 Our collaborative R33 grant with Ben Van Houten's lab was funded by NIEHS!!  This is an exciting new project examining cross-talk between mitochondria dysfunction and telomere dysfunction in environmentally induced disease.  We are very fortunate to collaborate with Marcel Bruchez (CMU), Simon Watkins (Pitt), and Ed Burton (Pitt) on this project. 

4/22/2017 Fantastic March for Science in Pittsburgh.  Some of the lab marched here and some headed to the main event in Washington D.C.  It was so wonderful to see all this support for science! We especially appreciate the support from our families. 


2/27/2017 Today we welcomed Samantha Sanford to the lab.  She is a PhD student in the department of Infectious Disease and Microbiology.  


2/17/2017Patty spoke at the Gordon Research Conference on Mammalian DNA Repair in Ventura, CA, and presented the lab's work on how oxidative DNA damage impacts telomere maintenance. 

FOR 2016

11/22/2016 Nice write up in the local paper of our recent work and a terrific study from our collaborator's lab, Roddy O'Sullivan.  Check out the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. The link is http://triblive.com/news/healthnow/11502002-74/cells-cancer-telomeres.   

11/9/2016 Our manuscript "Oxidative guanine base damage regulates human telomerase activity" is now in press at Nature Structural Molecular Biology. Check it out.  So grateful for all the hard work of our lab members and collaborators.


9/30/16 We are so excited that our recently reviewed R01 proposal with Sua Myong's lab (Hopkins University) was awarded an impact score of 12, and a percentile of 1%!!  

9/24/16  Patty had a great trip to Kansas City for the 47th annual meeting of the Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society.  Congratulations to our collaborator Bret Freudenthal (U of Kansas Medical Center) for receiving the EMGS Young Scientist Award!!

8/5/2016  We said goodbye to our summer research intern Adam Barsouk.  We wish him the best of luck in the Penn State University-Jefferson Medical College Premedical-Medical Program! We hope to see him back next summer.


8/1/2016 Congratulations to Elise Fouquerel for being awarded a K99 through NIEHS entitled "Deciphering the mechanisms of PARP1 activity in telomere integrity".  We are so proud of her.


6/29/2016 UPCI participated in the White House Cancer Moonshot summit during which cancer centers around the nation held workshops to address barriers to accelerating progress in cancer research and to developing cures. The Stanley cup even made an appearance in show of support!   


6/17/2016 Elise Fouquerel won second place for best poster presentation in the category of Basic Science at the University of Cancer Insitute

5/28/2016 Patty was invited to present our work on replication of telomeric DNA at the RECQ2016 - Partnering for progress. The 3rd international meeting on RECQ helicases in biology and medicine in Seattle, WA

4/26/16 Patty presented at the EMBO meeting on Telomeres, Telomerase and Disease in Liege, Belgium

4/13/16 Elise presented her work on roles for PARP1 at telomeres during a poster session at the CSHL meeting on the PARP family and ADP-ribosylation. 

3/13/16 Arindam Bose presented his research on telomerase and oxidative damage at a poster session during the Gordon conference on DNA damage, mutation and cancer.

2/9/16 Roddy O'Sullivan and Patty were awarded the FY2016 Simulating Pittsburgh Research in Geoscience (SPRIG) Pilot Project Program Award from the University of Pittsburgh Aging Institute.  We are very excited about this new collaboration.